BIA Separations d.o.o.

Leaders in monolith chromatography

BIA Separations d.o.o.
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Key points:

  • BIA Separations is the leading developer and manufacturer of CIM® (Convective Interaction Media) monolithic chromatographic columns for production, purification, and analytics of large biomolecules. Our highly skilled team has more than 2 decades of accumulated knowledge in Downstream Processing and HPLC Analytics.
  • CIM® monolithic columns stand for elaborate design providing high efficiency, high speed, and high yield in downstream processing of viruses, VLPs, phages, pDNA, and large proteins. CIM® monolithic columns are distinguished for their flow independent performance, resulting in fast separation, concentration, purification, removal and analytics.
  • Our mission is to develop and produce CIM® monolithic columns of the highest quality, and to provide superior method development services for Purification and HPLC Analytics of biopharmaceuticals.