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Alternative Asset Management

Considered at one point an unusual form of investment at best, alternative asset allocation has been gaining in popularity as a viable, safe supplement to traditional investment options such as stocks and bonds. Today, an ever-growing number of investors are looking to channel some percentage of their wealth into options that offer protection from the uncertainties of the global financial markets.

At Hermes Management, we have been helping clients develop effective alternative asset funds with a personalized approach based on long-term, low-risk investments that ensure a steady return. Our strategy involves comprehensive, ongoing research and analysis of existing and potential investments, spanning a long list of variables, from market forces and industry outlooks, to business plans and human resources.

We evaluate our number crunching efforts alongside information stemming from a long-developed, extensive network of business and personal contacts that includes industry experts, local entrepreneurs and other investors.

Always striving for complete satisfaction, we encourage our clients to play an active role in the management of their funds. To that end, we offer readily available personal consultations with our experts and frequent, reader-friendly reports.