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Capital Trading

Hermes Management’s Capital Trading division offers advice and facilitates the exchange of financial derivatives for private and institutional clients seeking investment opportunities in stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities in Eastern European and other emerging markets.

Our knowledgeable financial consultants have at their disposal an extensive selection of highly customizable trading solutions, tailored to meet the requirements and expectations of even the most demanding clients. Whether you are a private individual pursuing an investment idea, or a corporation interested in diversifying into new markets, we can help you with all your trading needs – from offering guidance on one-time transactions, to developing all-inclusive account management plans.

Clients with infrequent demand for advice on derivatives trading can take advantage of risk analysis, market studies, industry forecasts and personal consultations with our capital trading experts on a need-by-need basis.

Clients whose investment objectives require ongoing backing can sign up for our inclusive account management plan. Ideal for development and management of long-term investment strategies, the plan allows clients to decide just how much or how little they want to be involved in the control of their portfolio.