Guiding Principles

What Makes Us Different

Guiding Principles

New ideas for a new era

At Hermes Management, we believe in an unconventional and innovative approach to strategic investments and being a true alternative to cookie-cutter old finance firms. Financial turmoil in the world’s leading economies, disillusion with traditional investment companies, and the growing importance of emerging markets, dictate a need for a fresh look at asset management and an “outside the box” approach to investment strategies.

It’s about You

Unlike investment firms of old, Hermes Management is not merely in the business of financial transactions and wealth management. We are in the business of building lasting relationships with our clients by playing an active and responsive role in advising and facilitating their everyday operational and strategic business decisions. At Hermes Management, it is not About Us. It is About You.

Discovering uncharted markets

Hermes Management’s investment expertise stems from years of business dealing in what are some of the world’s fastest growing, emerging economies, in particular Eastern Europe. As such, we are in a unique position to recognize nontraditional investment opportunities and facilitate client access to new geographies and markets.

Smart diversification

We are dedicated to upholding the principle of prudent and secure assets allocation with investment strategies pillared on exhaustive market research, meticulous risk management, and smart diversification. At Hermes Management, we offer our clients a broad array of innovative investment solutions, cutting across key industries and national and cultural borders throughout Eastern Europe and beyond.

Risk management

Effective identification and evaluation of risks, followed by optimal and timely response, is at the core of Hermes Management’s investment doctrine. Having long thrived in the sometime unpredictable up-and-coming markets, we are very aware of and ready to recognize and mitigate risks as they pertain to Eastern Europe, other emerging economies, and asset management in general.

Financial discipline

Hermes Management adheres to the theory of financial discipline as a fundamental constant that is essential to guarantee capital gain, sustain fiscal stability and reduce risks.