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Trade Finance

In today’s global trade environment, dictated by the necessity for a fast, dependable and cost-effective transfer of commodities, successful importers and exporters of goods must employ a whole host of operational and financial strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Hermes Management provides a collection of comprehensive finance solutions to aid clients in facilitation of trade operations globally.

Dedicated to delivering secure, reliable and timely exchange of funds in trade transactions, our Trade Finance team offers mediation, management, and funding of Open Account agreements between our clients and trading partners worldwide.

In addition to Open Account agreements, we provide traditional services, such as a Letter of Credit solution, guaranteeing payment upon the shipment of goods. The process ensures that a transfer of funds takes place only when the other party completes all transaction requirements.

Clients also benefit from inclusive support service offered by our compliance and documentation team dedicated to researching and responding to legal and regulatory matters pertaining to trade finance operations. The team is also responsible for the collection, creation, and delivery of documentation relevant to trade deals.