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What Makes Us Different

Guiding Principles Hermes Management

At Hermes Management, we believe in an unconventional and innovative approach to strategic investments and being a true alternative to cookie-cutter old finance firms. Financial turmoil in the world’s leading economies, disillusion with traditional investment companies, and the growing importance of emerging markets, dictate a need for a fresh look at asset management and an “outside the box” approach to investment strategies.

New ideas for a new era

Discovering uncharted markets

Smart diversification

Risk management

Financial discipline

Extensive selection

Investment Solutions

Hermes Management is determined to develop and cultivate long-lasting relationships with our clients by offering a collection of innovative and flexible solutions to address their varied investment needs. Our knowledgeable advisors stand ready to present you with a personalized investment strategy that will reflect your short-term and long-term financial expectations, risk margins and diversification requirements.

Our extensive selection of investment solutions and services includes mergers & acquisitions, alternative asset management, private equity, credit business, corporate advisory, real estate, trade finance, cash management, public funds, capital trading and corporate finance.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Hermes Management’s dedicated Mergers & Acquisitions team stands ready to assist you...

Private Investors

At Hermes Management, we recognize the concerns and questions private individuals may have about...


Hermes Management provides a complete range of wealth management products and services to...


Hermes Management offers a broad range of products and services to support intermediaries...

Alternative Asset Management

Considered at one point an unusual form of investment at best, alternative asset...

Private Equity

Hermes Management’s private equity services offer a gateway to a still undiscovered land of ideas...

Credit Business

Hermes Management understands the significance of timely and dependable access to financial...

Corporate Advisory

Hermes Management’s Corporate Advisory division offers a variety of innovative solution...
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Streetwise strategies

Hermes Management is committed to provide all of our clients – big or small, corporate or private – with optimal advice and solutions tailored to meet their financial and investment objectives. To that end, we go beyond the traditional realms of investing and focus on opportunities presented by the fast-developing economies in Eastern Europe and throughout the world.

Our wide search span of various key industries in multiple markets that remain under-invested allows us to identify investment prospects that are not only greater in number, but also more diversified. As such, we are able to pursue and capitalize only on the investments that guarantee the biggest returns with minimal risk.

Our Portfolio

Hermes Management’s portfolio features companies with a knack for discovering and capitalizing on opportunities and favorable conditions presented by current economic, market and geopolitical trends.

Our search for business investments takes us across the whole spectrum of industries and spans multiple geographical regions. Our focus lies on idea-driven businesses with broad market appeal.

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