NIR is a leader in the development of a new phetotherapeutic technology and has implemented the solutions into the manufacturing of new preparations for pharmacology and veterinary

50 Kharkivske shosse, Kyiv Ukraine 02160

Medical manager: Dr. Irina M. Isaechkina

t: +38 (044) 559-7030, 558-9498
f.: +38 (044) 558-9476

Key Facts

  • The scientists of NIR have developed a number of preparations which are successfully used for the treatment of various oncological malfunctions of the central nervous system, female infertility, and others
  • In July 2003 NIR Limited was nominated on prestigious european award “Gold medal for quality”
  • In September 2002 The Institute of Rating Research in Oxford and the European Marketing Research Center in Brussels proclaimed NIR Limited as the TOP 100 company in chemestry-pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine
  • On October 15 2003 NIR was awarded the highly prestigious international award EMRC “EuroMarket Award”